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IT security audit

Availability of the right information at the right time and in required form is becoming necessity in the most of industries, services and also in the public administration. Operation with the huge amount of information, mostly confidential, brings also big risk leakage, loss or misuse. Also following the famous causes related to information security (such as leakage of hackers to the network of NBÚ – National Security Authority or publication of secret numbers on web page of telecommunication operator) we can say that the organizations of private and public administration do not handle the risks related to information safety sufficiently. It is unquestionable that mentioned famous causes are only „the peak of the iceberg”. From these facts it results that the tools for information safety risks management are and will be more and more important assumption for successful operation of modern organization.

Information security audit can include:

  • system architecture audit
  • anti spam tests, trojan,…
  • internal threat audit (employees, external employees, visitors)
  • safety log in and management of log in rights audit
  • backup centres and data backup audit
  • emergency planning and renewal audit
  • penetration tests (internal, external)

If you are interested we can elaborate the price offer following the determination of your specific requirements and we can present the way of audit realization.