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State administration

SNAS – Slovak National Accreditation Service


Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) is a state grand organization with the independent legal personality. SNAS performs as national accreditation body in Slovakia.

Slovak National Accreditation Service makes the accreditation according to the generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, Slovak technical standards, international technical standards ISO/IEC, standards of European Union and documents of international and regional organizations, mainly the European Organization for cooperation in accreditation (EA), international global organization for cooperation at the accreditation of laboratories (ILAC), international accreditation forum (IAF) and regulations of OECD about correct laboratory practice.


CAI – Czech Accreditation Institute


The Czech Accreditation Institute, Public Service Company, National Accreditation Body, was established by the Government of the CzechRepublic. It provides services to state and private organizations in all fields of accreditation in conformity with valid legal regulations. The principle of a uniform European accreditation system, formed by national accreditation bodies working in conformity with uniform rules and performing accreditation according to defined internationally recognized standards, is based on the EU position as defined in the Global Conception of Testing and Certification.