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QSCert® has established the net of branch offices all over the world, which fulfils its vision: Certification Body with worldwide activities and acceptance. To obtain a current list of branches QSCert click here.

There is continuous communication between headquarters and branches by e-mail, skype, phone as well as through personal meetings. Communication in the work area is used to implement common procedures for certification of management systems in terms of accreditation and corporate requirements and also contributes to exchange of international experience. Finally, this meeting also lead to establishing strong personal relationships and it had human touch.

We present you with some pictures from our meeting on this subpage.

Current information on new branch offices, foreign partners visits and QSCert meetings are regularly published within the section NEWS (please click here)

2022 Worldwide meeting of QSCert partners

June 2022 – meeting of QSCert partners was held in Zvolen (Slovakia). There were 30 QSCert representatives from different countries like Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Poland, Netherland, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Serbia, Indonesia and others.

2018 Meeting of new foreign branches

There were representatives of following branches:


Meeting was held with intention to train new branches in procedures of QSCert, but there was also time for fun. We enjoyed playing bowling and visited beautiful town Banská Štiavnica.

As you can see on the photos we all came along well and QSCert family got new members. 

2015 QSCert-India

Terezia Strbova (QSCert business manager) realized visit of QSCert-India Bangalore branch office (21.-28.10.2015). This branch office is located in India in the Banagalore city. On the pictures you can see several moments from this business trip:

  1. At the dinner with Ali (owner of QSCert-India Bangalore and QSCert-Saudi), Nandha (owwner of QSCert-Singapore) and Tabrez, after dinner Nandha left home.
  2. Picture of the whole QSCert-India Bangalore team + Nandha (QSCert-Singapore)
  3. Business lunch of the whole team during office audit.
  4. Picture with QSCert quality policy and banner – QSCert-India Bangalore office.
  5. Office audit
  6. Training day, picture from meeting room.

2014 Meeting of new foreign QSCert branches

It took place at the headquarters QSCert in Zvolen (Slovakia).

The meeting was attended by representatives of these new branches:
QSCert-South Africa

The meeting was focused mainly on the professional programme and the training of new branches in QSCert procedures but certainly the time remained for fun and free time activities.

QSCert family is hereby extended to new members. It can be seen on the photos, that we made good relationship, we understood each other not only in terms of business but also personally.

Professional programme / ​​training

Bowling – „Parkovací dom“ Zvolen

Slovak evening associated with the tasting of Slovak specialties – Restaurant “Zlatý Dukát” Zolenska Slatina

Trip – Banská Štiavnica, town listed by UNESCO