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ISO 22301

Business continuity management system (BCMS – Business Continuity Management System) helps to ensure the continuity of the organization´s major activities (core business) in case of extraordinary incidents´ occurrence (e.g. power cut, internet breakdown, fire, flood, breakdown of key deliveries of raw materials and material, multiple work inability due to a pandemic, failure of important technological equipment etc.). If such an event occurs, the organization will be prepared to respond appropriately, thereby greatly reducing the potential damage and impact on the organization’s performance.

ISO 22301 is applicable to all types of organizations.  The greatest added value, however, is for organizations where there may be significant economic damage or a threat to the lives of people when a breakdown occurs. These are telecommunications companies, banks, hospitals, water and energy suppliers, shipping companies, food producers, public authorities, IT companies, and other organizations for which continuous operation is critical.

Contribution of certification

  • Ensuring the continuity of major activities in case of extraordinary incidents´ occurrence
  • Demonstration of commitment to its main interested parties
  • Protection of key assets and maintain good reputation

A certified organisation is qualified to use a certification mark for certified scopes. 

Example: ISO 22301 Certificate

Example: ISO 22301 Certificate

ISO 22301 Certification mark

ISO 22301 Certification mark

Revised ISO 22301:2019 business continuity management system

The international ISO 22301:2019 standard that replaces ISO 22301:2012 standard was issued for business continuity management system in October 2019. QSCert is in the accreditation process for auditing according to ISO 22301:2019 at present with the aim to end this process until 30.09.2020.

Certified organizations should adopt their business continuity management system to ISO 22301:2019 requirements.

New standard brings new and significantly changed requirements in following standard clauses:

6.3 Planning changes to the business continuity management system

8.2.2 Business impact analysis

8.2.3 Risk assessment

8.3 Business continuity strategies and solutions

8.4.4 Business continuity plan

8.5 Exercise programme