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Aksaigasservice JSC

Certified locations:

Republic of Kazakhstan, 090300, West Kazakhstan region, Burlinsky district, Aksai, Industrial zone, building 152N

Scope of activities:

Diagnostics of equipment and technical devices operating at potentially hazardous facilities, as well as also non-destructive testing services For oil and gas equipment, boilers, vessels and pipelines operating under pressure; testing services and technical diagnostics of pipelines and related technological equipment; installation of main oil and gas pipelines, oil products pipelines, pipeline loops, binding and completion of wells; installation and maintenance of high voltage electric cables, electric transformers, power equipment; performing preventive testing and measurements for power equipment; supply, storage and sale of fuel, oil and gas equipment, methanol, various chemicals; design and operation of explosion proof equipment; provision of services on transportation and utilization of industrial and routine hard wastes; provision of services on maintenance of buildings, facilities, and territories; repair and operation of lifting equipment; fabrication of reservoirs and metal structures; general construction works; performing gas hazardous works; corrosion proof coating and insulation works for pipelines; maintenance and repair of automobile roads, driveways and territories; preservation of technological equipment and materials; provision of services on burning, chemical treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes of 1-3 grades, transportation of hazardous cargoes of 2-3 grades; acquiring, transportation, storage and sale of poisons; transportation of sources of ionizing radiation within the territory of Kazakhstan

According to standard:

ISO 9001: