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BS 10500

Bribery is a negative social phenomenon which decreases rate of economic growth and at the same time increases costs. The public senses the bribery as the one of basic ethic issues. Therefore it is a challenge for all types of organizations within public and also private sector to take effective measures for its elimination. Excellent and compact tool for this objective´s realization is anti-bribery management system according to BS 10500 standard.


Implementation and certification of anti-bribery management system according to BS 10500 brings following benefits:

-          systematic bribery risks ´assessment and their elimination

-          financial savings

-          organization´s reputation increase outwards  

-          improvement of organization´s perception by its employees

-          possibility to compare implemented anti-bribery measures with the international standards


Key aspects of BS 10500 standard

-          anti-bribery policy

-          analyses of bribery risks

-          training and internal communication about bribery

-          partners ´verifying

-          allocation of decision authorities

-          gifts and hospitality

-          facilitation payments

-          measures allowing to call attention to the bribery

-          procedures for bribery investigation and disciplinary proceedings

-          internal audits

-          anti-bribery system´s review and improving


          EXAMPLE: Certificate BS 10500                           Certifikačná známka BS 10500


EXAMPLE: Certificate BS 10500          Certification mark BS 10500                


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