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Evolution in QSCert - REMOTE AUDITING!

Date: 20.04.2020

Evolution in QSCert - REMOTE AUDITING!

„Thanks to“  the spread of the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic, QSCert has developed and implemented a remote auditing procedure in a super quick time. The procedure allows QSCert´s clients to complete a full remote audit through an Internet application, without the risk of mutual infection between auditors and audited workers. The audit, among other things, allows the participation of auditors and audited workers in the form of home office. QSCert encourages all of its existing and potential clients to take advantage of this new form of auditing - there is no need to postpone the audit and at the same time it is very advantageously to use this slowed time and time spent in the home office to prepare and complete the audit. After the end of the pandemic, once the economy tries to catch up the missed time, it may be harder to find time to deal with certification issues. The clever ones will be already ready to devote the time to their business. Let's hope that time comes as soon as possible :-)


Illustrative photo: QSCert REMOTE AUDIT