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Slovak-German company QSCert®, spol. s r.o., was established in March 2000 with its registered office in Zvolen.

QSCert® is an international Certification Body based in Zvolen (Slovak Republic). Its core business is certification of management systems according to several international standards (see section „Services“). QSCert® has established the net of branch offices all over the world (see section „Contacts“). QSCert® is accredited by the Slovak National Accreditation Service and by the Czech Accreditation Institute (see section „Accreditation“).

Through its services QSCert® fulfills its mission „We cover credibility!“ (see section „Basic values“).

QSCert® differs from other certification bodies mainly by pragmatic approach to an audit without emphasis on bureaucracy. A quality management system which QSCert® requires from its clients is established also in QSCert®. QSCert® audit gives added value to the client not only by examining the compliance with the standard requirements but also by suggesting opportunities for improvement of the management system. QSCert auditors are people who worked as quality managers or consultants in the past – they are able to understand certification audits from the auditee point of view. It enables them to conduct audits in correct and pragmatic way (see section „Our strengths“).

QSCert® follows all requirements and obligations under international accreditation and carries business honestly and ethically, without the use of unfair practices. QSCert® provides high level of services for favorable prices (for a price calculation please complete “Request for Offer“).

Throughout its performance QSCert has certified thousands of clients of different sizes and certification scopes (see section “Clients“).


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Liability insurance of QSCert:

Certification body QSCert® closed the agreement about liability insurance for eventual damages that could be caused during its activities.

By closing such agreement QSCert® wants to provide extra guarantees to its customers and also to differentiate itself from the competition (liability insurance is not common among certification bodies).