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Certification of management systems

Certification body QSCert® provides:


In a case of your interest for certification of your management system, the procedure is very simple:

  • Fill in “Request for Offer” 
  • Following the filled “Request for Offer” we shall prepare the proposal of application for certification (“Offer”)
  • After accepting (signing) the “Offer” by you we shall prepare proposal of “Certification Agreement”
  • After “Certification Agreement” signing by both contractual parties, contract becomes valid and binding – “Certification Agreement” is signed for the period of 3 years (validity of Certificate is also 3 years)
  • During 3 years of “Certification Agreement” validity we shall perform 1 certifiaction audit and 2 surveillance audits (see below)

From the certification body point of view the management systems certification process has following stages:

  • Preparation stage
  • Certification audit – 1. stage
  • Certification audit – 2. stage
  • Award of the certificate

Preparation stage
Preparation stage is the stage comprising the audit preparation. Certification body shall delegate the audit team. Audit team is responsible for superior audit execution.

Certification audit – 1. stage
Certification audit – 1. stage is performed to obtain sufficient information and verification that the basic requirements for the proper function of management system were applied. Lead auditor verifies the competency of documentation concerning the requirements of relevant standards and regulations.

Certification audit – 2. stage
2.stage certification audit shall take place at the site of the client and individual workstations, which are audit subjects according to the clients requirements specified in the contract. Process of audit performance contains of these stages:

  • preparation (programme) – lead auditor shall elaborate the programme with the time schedule and requirements for the participation of individual competent people
  • realization – the process of audit performance
  • closing – at the closing meeting with the certification organization management representatives audit team shall evaluate the audit process and shall determine the dates for nonconformities elimination.
  • evaluation – output document from the certification audit is certification audit report. Report is elaborated by lead auditor, who is responsible also for its completness and precision. Lead auditor is obligatory to incorporate all comments from auditors and technical experts, who participated at the audit, to the report, after the personal consulting.

Award of the certificate

If the Director of Certification Body does not discover any serious facts which would contradict lead auditor findings stated in the certification audit report and proposal of lead auditor for certificate awarding, Director shall issue the consistent statement to the lead auditor´s statement and shall award the certificate.

Surveillance audits

Certification body QSCert performs surveillance audits once per year during the issued certificate validity. Surveillance audits are performed and documented analogical way like certification audit. Lead auditor shall elaborate the surveillance audit report.

Transfer of accredited certification

Transfer of accredited certification means appreciation of existing and valid management system certificate awarded by other accredited certification body for the purposes of certificate award by QSCert.