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Certified locations: 43 Aleksandar Stamboliyski Str., Petrich, 2850, Bulgaria
Scope of activities: Complete engineering in construction - design, construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation, including supply and installation of facilities, equipment and mechanization of water supply and sewage systems, drinking and waste water treatment plants, hydraulic facilities - landfills for municipal, industrial and hazardous waste pre-treatment, composting and waste separation installations, tailings ponds, dams, hydroelectric power stations, tunnels, landslide reinforcement, irrigation and drainage and irrigation systems, pumping stations, land reclamation, riverbed repair, dams, embankments, erosion protection structures, transport technical infrastructure-roads, bridges, street networks and facilities, railway infrastructure, including buildings and facilities to them; civil and industrial construction, playgrounds, energy efficiency of buildings and facilities, power lines, gas pipelines and heat pipelines. Sale and delivery of building materials. Production of concrete and asphalt concrete solutions, production of concrete products and reinforced concrete elements. Production and installation of aluminum and PVC windows
According to standard: ISO 9001:2015
Validity: valid