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Certified locations: DI PA DCP PP MF-SIB: Str. Florian Rieger, Nr. 4,,550018, Sibiu, Romania SI EP MF SIB: Piata Cibin, Nr. 5,550197, Sibiu, Romania DI MC GMC MF-EWN BUZ: Str. Florilor, Nr. 9, bloc Hala 1, 305100, Buzias, Timis, Romania SYC MF-SIB: Str. Barcelona f.n., 550018, Sibiu, Romania
Scope of activities: Production of industrial power supplies, drive converters, construction engineering, production of printed circuit boards and process instrumentation equipment as well as fire detection equipment. Production of electromechanical devices for industrial and domestic applications: circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection, circuit breaker (step relay), panel switch, light-switched switch for multiple installations and sockets, as well as mechanical assemblies for various electromechanical devices Manufacture of components for railway vehicles and parts of railway vehicles in railway projects, manufacture of railway and industrial cables, processing of stamped and bent parts for integrated components and housings, Manufacture of components and cooling systems for linear and torque motors and manufacture of permanent magnet synchronous motors.
According to standard: ISO 45001:2018
Validity: valid