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Certified locations: Str. 22 Decembrie 1989, Nr.34, Bloc C4, Ap.82, Târgu Mureş, Mureş, România
Scope of activities: Construction works of residential and non-residential buildings. Construction of roads and bridges. Construction demolition works. Hydrotechnical constructions. Architectural activities, design and technical consultancy, including feasibility studies. Disassembly (dismantling) of obsolete machinery and equipment for materials recovery. Recovery of sorted recyclables. Decontamination activities and servicesv. Non-hazardous waste collection.
According to standard: ISO 14001:2004
Validity: withdrawn
Date of withdrawal: 25.02.2013
Reason for withdrawal of the certificate: Assets of customer is in bankrupt or the bankruptcy proceeding was rejected or stopped because of lack of assets or a petition for bankruptcy was not filed propter the assets is insufficient for the payment of preliminary administrator expenses,